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Latest Releases

Release Date Artist Album
Available 2024-04-20 Hill Collective Tonal Prophecy
Available 2024-04-12 Sarah Jerrom Magpie
Out Now Jim Altamore Swingin’ After Dark
Available 2024-04-20 Scott Murphy A Dream of Form
Out Now Vironas Ntolas Personal Sky
Out Now Sandro Sáez Trio No Perspective
Available 2024-03-15 Disaster Pony Disaster Pony
Out Now The Apollo Trio Straightaway
Out Now J. M. Smig Twelve​-​Tone Alchemy in the Hall of Corruptible Saints and Masters
Out Now The Gus Leighton Quartet From Day to Evie
Available 2024-03-29 De Beren Gieren What Eludes Us
Out Now Hammond Grooves King du Lac
Out Now Joseph Alan Fears LOVE UNIVERSAL
Available 2024-04-05 Joris Teepe The American Dream Today
Out Now Tim Dvorkin Trio Live at Brothers Drake
Available 2024-03-01 Stephen Philip Harvey Library Card
Out Now Keyon Harrold Foreverland
Out Now Gustavo Nobio Versocrático 8D
Out Now Gui Duvignau Live in Red Hook
Out Now William Doran well hello Freddie
Available 2024-05-09 LAVISH Dump and Die
Out Now Braxton Cook Who Are You When No One Is Watching?
Out Now SilverCreek SICK
Available 2024-03-15 Janek van Laak Circle of Madness
Out Now SilverCreek SICK
Available 2024-03-23 Claire Dickson The Beholder
Out Now Futurstan Live Above Budapest
Out Now Terry Gordon Quintet Tangents
Available 2024-03-29 De Beren Gieren What Eludes Us
Out Now Phil Sargent Sons
Out Now Jim Piela It Comes With the Territory
Out Now Pierre Flasse Elegy (Part 2)
Out Now Walter Kemp 3/ Black Whole Black Whole “Live”
Out Now Bill Anschell Improbable Solutions
Out Now Dina Ögon Orion
Out Now Blue Summers Pillars Of Creation
Out Now Hyewon Park Take the “A” Train
Available 2024-03-22 Travel Collective New Way
Out Now The Apollo Trio Straightaway
Out Now Denis Razz Discrepancies in Blue
Out Now Kuma Lisa Birds in Wells
Out Now Brock, Lanzetti, Ogawa Drawing Songs
Out Now Nefeli Fasouli Phases
Out Now Kyla Nicole Healey Kyla Nicole Healey
Out Now Sanscreed kanon s/t
Out Now Denis Krupin Night
Out Now Kimba & Ryan Turn Up The Quiet
Out Now Ludvig Ward Trio Synergy
Out Now Lydia Salett Dudley & Jazz Xpressions Rise Up
Out Now Nadav Haber Conflict
Out Now Willem Martens Glowing
Out Now Alex & Joe Cruisin’
Out Now Brian Scarborough We Need The Wind
Out Now Carlos Bechegas, João Madeira, Ulrich Mitzlaff Open in Finder
Out Now Yuhan Su Liberated Gesture
Out Now Meinrad Kneer Quintet Der Zweite Streich
Out Now Armando Luongo New Lands
Out Now Lauren Bush Tide Rises
Out Now David Whitman Ode to Joe
Out Now Nu Nile Objects Has Memory
Out Now Kai Gluska Impressions of Yesterday
Out Now Svaneborg Kardyb At Home (An NPR Tiny Desk Concert
Out Now Adolfo Mendonça Brazilian Childhood
Out Now Sebastian Smoleń Parnas Adventures
Out Now Scarlet Monk Labyrinthine
Out Now Rotem Sivan Dream Louder
Out Now Alan Goldsher Straight Life
Out Now Sandro Sáez/Sandro Sáez Trio No Perspective
Out Now Big Band de l'OEUF Astro-Symphonie
Out Now Jack Lee & Nathan East Heart And Soul
Out Now Oceanna Koldunai
Out Now Dick Patterson Trio The Lost Chicago Sessions
Out Now Cristiano Celli CELLI
Out Now Jef Kearns ft. Aria Zenua ABC
Out Now Giuseppe Millaci Double Portrait
Out Now Atlantic Road Trip One
Out Now Dave Bayles Trio Live at the Uptowner
Out Now Scott Hesse Trio Intention
Out Now Steve Million Perfectly Spaced
Out Now Leslie About Last Night
Out Now Madre Vaca Knights of the Round Table
Out Now Gustavo Nobio Versocrático [EP]
Out Now Adolfo Mendonça (feat. Randy Brecker) Brazilian Childhood
Out Now Human Being Human Disappearance
Out Now The Mary Orji Visionaries Collective PERCEPTION
Out Now Harriet Stubbs Living On Mars
Out Now Omar Sosa An AfroCuban Excursion
Out Now Art Ruprecht New Every Day
Out Now Kris Defoort & Veronika Harcsa Pieces of Peace
Out Now Espen Eriksen Trio with Andy Sheppard As Good As It Gets
Out Now Christine Ott Éclats (Piano Works)
Out Now Vanessa Thomas Life Is Like a song
Out Now The Dave Brubeck Quartet Live From The Northwest, 1959
Out Now Tim Hetu Solos and Duets
Out Now Lennart Richter feat Slync Don’t Play That!
Out Now Michele Gori Flute Factor
Release Date Artist Album