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Latest Releases

Release Date Artist Album
Available 2024-08-01 Jay D'Amico, pn. (with Marlon Martinez, bass Melodia (jazz under glass)
Available 2024-09-27 Kolida Babo Spirits Of Mauronoros
Available 2024-10-04 Lina Allemano's Ohrenschmaus with special guest Andrea Parkins Flip Side
Available 2024-08-16 Christopher Parnis Everything You Could Be
Available 2024-09-01 Cacau Ferrari Space Bass
Available 2024-09-23 Mike Casey Valencia
Out Now Jon De Lucia The Brubeck Octet Project
Out Now Nick Semenykhin Paradigm
Available 2024-09-27 Orson Claeys Odyssey to Self
Out Now Di Serio-Mancinelli Quartet Daedalus
Available 2024-09-06 Maya Cohen Live at Ornithology
Out Now DeeAnn DiMeo It’s My Time
Out Now Halie Loren Dreams Lost and Found
Out Now Tha High Class THC Vol.4
Available 2024-08-22 SÖNŌRÉ Forgiveness
Out Now BOB LEVY (Feat. Dane vannatter) Bob Levy ALL ABOUT LOVE: the Dane Vannatter Recordings Vol II
Out Now BigDru Man Of The Year
Out Now Alan Goldsher Evens & Beginnings 2.0
Out Now Raagaverse, Shruti Ramani Jaya
Out Now Jim Clouse/Patrick Golden/Matt Hollenberg The Remedy
Out Now J. M. Smig Schrambled Ivies, Part 1
Out Now Domas Žeromskas Meditations on Providence and Perseverance, Vol. 1
Out Now SilverCreek A Sad Song in C
Out Now Gabriel Evan Orchestra Island Hopping
Out Now Brasstactics Tribute To The Groove
Out Now Joseph Alan Fears DADDY”S LITTLE GIRL OT JAZZ (dat Da Da Dat Da Da}
Out Now James McGowan Ensemble Reaching Out
Available 2024-07-19 Darren Barrett dB-ish: The Path To Our Truth
Available 2024-07-19 Darren Barrett The Get Down 4 Real: Step Step Steppin’
Out Now Seamus O'Muineachain Liminality
Out Now Thomas Silvestri JazzArtDuo
Out Now Vinícius Mendes Macunaísmo Tardio Vol.1 and 2
Out Now Julius Rodriguez Evergreen
Available 2024-11-08 Dörthe Drothen Enamoured
Out Now Aleksi Glick World Traveler
Out Now Mahogany L. Browne & Sean Mason CHROME VALLEY
Out Now Raul Midón Lost & Found
Out Now Anthony Stoika Duets with Friends Vol. 1
Out Now Spondee Childhood
Out Now Noam Makover Getting To Noam
Out Now J.P. Soars Brick By Brick
Out Now The Way Back Whens Live at the Yardbird Suite
Out Now Shakai Fragments
Available 2024-10-03 Sol Jang Trio 19-29
Out Now Ben Fuller Reset
Out Now Aimee-Jo Benoit Horns of Hope
Out Now Meg Okura Lingering
Out Now Altin Sencalar Discover The Present
Out Now Ellipsis Quintet Aristotle’s Dilemma
Out Now Kendall Carter PUR•VIEW
Out Now Kandace Springs Run Your Race
Out Now Zachary Finnegan Guidance and Gratitude
Out Now Lage Nordling Electric Ensemble Lage Nordling Electric Ensemble
Out Now Various Artists Lefto presents Jazz Cats volume 3
Out Now Stepanka Balcarova Emotions
Out Now Larry Goldings & John Sneider Chinwag
Out Now Nina Ernst Dunkles Licht
Out Now Andrea Aaron Iris
Out Now Bob Salmieri Bastarduna Quintet Ma sister jumps through fire
Out Now Sarah Jerrom Magpie
Out Now Love the outsider Cast a cold eye
Out Now Hill Collective Tonal Prophecy
Out Now Henrique Chehad Come to the Ritual
Out Now Bardino Memória da Pedra Mãe
Out Now J.P. Soars Brick By Brick
Out Now Mackenzie Leighton I Remember
Out Now Opoku Sanaa It’s Time
Out Now The Brenan Brothers Valley of Silence
Out Now Jean Vernheres Heritage Mélodies
Out Now Hill Collective Tonal Prophecy
Out Now Sarah Jerrom Magpie
Out Now Jim Altamore Swingin’ After Dark
Out Now Scott Murphy A Dream of Form
Out Now Vironas Ntolas Personal Sky
Out Now Sandro Sáez Trio No Perspective
Out Now Disaster Pony Disaster Pony
Out Now The Apollo Trio Straightaway
Out Now J. M. Smig Twelve​-​Tone Alchemy in the Hall of Corruptible Saints and Masters
Out Now The Gus Leighton Quartet From Day to Evie
Out Now De Beren Gieren What Eludes Us
Out Now Hammond Grooves King du Lac
Out Now Joseph Alan Fears LOVE UNIVERSAL
Out Now Joris Teepe The American Dream Today
Out Now Tim Dvorkin Trio Live at Brothers Drake
Out Now Stephen Philip Harvey Library Card
Out Now Keyon Harrold Foreverland
Out Now Gustavo Nobio Versocrático 8D
Out Now Gui Duvignau Live in Red Hook
Out Now William Doran well hello Freddie
Out Now LAVISH Dump and Die
Out Now Braxton Cook Who Are You When No One Is Watching?
Out Now SilverCreek SICK
Out Now Janek van Laak Circle of Madness
Out Now SilverCreek SICK
Out Now Claire Dickson The Beholder
Out Now Futurstan Live Above Budapest
Out Now Terry Gordon Quintet Tangents
Out Now De Beren Gieren What Eludes Us
Out Now Phil Sargent Sons
Release Date Artist Album